Ashleigh Jamieson

A young Wadjela of South African heritage, Ashleigh grew up well-aware of racial segregation and where she was born within it. As with many of her peers, Ashleigh’s understanding of Aboriginal culture and the impact of the Stolen Generation(s) was scarce and came from second-hand sources such as teachers, friends, university papers and the media. Ashleigh had not spoken directly to an Aboriginal person about their experience until she came to Kinship Connections. Starting as a volunteer, Ashleigh’s intention was to leave everything she thought she knew about Aboriginal people at the door and to learn through listening.

With degrees in Law and Psychology, Ashleigh has a passion for understanding the intergenerational impacts of trauma and how this interacts with the justice system. She is driven to give a voice to those who don’t otherwise have the opportunity. Ashleigh is our dedicated anthropologist and conducts research to map out the families of Aboriginal kids who are disconnected from their mob, through our Who’s My Mob and Finding Families programs.