Kinship Connections walks alongside Aboriginal children, young people and their families to address issues that negatively impact their social and emotional wellbeing.  Kinship Connections supports them to identify and engage with culture, family, community and Country to facilitate healing and achieve a strong sense of identity and belonging.

What We Do


Kinship Connections facilitates healing and growth for Aboriginal children, families and communities by delivering a suite of interconnected programs. These programs are based on our commitment to the following principles:

  • That belonging to community is a key factor underlying healing.
  • That a thriving community can provide opportunities for a recovering person to gain a sense of personal power.
  • That individuals can be supported to use their skills and generosity to create Aboriginal culturally safe homes and communities to which the next generation can safely belong.
  • That our definition of “community” includes all the people who are involved in or impacted by issues affecting Aboriginal people. Decision makers in the government and non-government agencies and departments are members of our community.

Our Vision

A world where all Aboriginal children and young people are standing strong with the knowledge of their kinship connections.

Our Mission


To promote culturally secure changes in thinking, policy, practice and in the delivery of programs about the connection of children and young people with their Aboriginal birth families.